Sponsored Blog/Article Submission Specs


Materials due one weeks prior to posting date:

  • Title: Maximum of 70 characters, including spaces (Approx 2 lines on article)

  • Summary Text: Maximum of 65 characters, including spaces (Approx 1 line on article). Appears alongside teaser image and headline links on all site landing pages and search results screens.

  • Body text: Maximum of 800 words (additional word count are at the discretion of the editor), submitted in plain text as an MS Word document. See below for editorial guidelines.

  • Up to two supplemental images, such as graphs or charts, are also encouraged, to be submitted on a separate file(s) from the main document.

  • Teaser image: Appears alongside headline link and summary text on site landing pages and search results screens. Specs below.

  • Hero Image: Appears across at top of article. Specs below.

Blog Series Set-up Requirements

(Required if a Sponsored Blog is part of a new recurring series.)

  • Blog Series Title (Maximum of 40 characters)

  • Sponsor Name as it should appear on all blog posts.

  • Blog series logo/icon with URL linking to sponsor website. 

  • Author Info: Name, title, bio (may contain contact information,) and headshot up to 75 words. 

  • Blog Series Hero image. Appears on Blog Series landing page. 1300 wide x 400 pixels. Example landing page. Download hero image template with Blog Title Window dimensions.  

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Article Editorial Guidelines

Sponsored Viewpoint Blogs are intended to promote the thought leadership of the sponsor and should be of use to the brand’s readership. Blogs cannot attack or undermine competition in any way. A good way to approach a blog is to answer “What’s in it for the brand’s audience?”

It is essential that the content be kept as non-commercial/self-promotional as possible. Concentrate on trying to enlighten readers about the topic, demonstrating thought leadership rather than selling a service or product.

Our writing style is a standard professional, business-to-business voice. The benefit(s) of reading your article must be clearly stated within the first two or three paragraphs. Define all acronyms on first reference. Attribute all quotes; include a person’s name, title and company. Writing style should focus on a compelling topic of educational value for the brand’s audience (i.e., grocery retail, convenience retail, private label executives, etc.).


The sponsor will receive the following metrics from EnsembleIQ:

  • Blog PVs, reported monthly for all blogs within the series.

  • One week after each email deployment, the sponsor will receive a report including emails sent, total and unique opens, total and unique clicks.