Shopper Marketing for E-Commerce Course Available

E-commerce has become a critical capability for all consumer goods manufacturers, regardless of their product category or traditional channels of distribution.

Understanding the impact that e-commerce has on your marketing organization, and the role that shopper marketing capabilities play in e-commerce, is essential for future success in the consumer goods marketplace.

Path to Purchase Leadership University, the professional training arm of the Path to Purchase Institute, is now offering "Shopper Marketing for E-Commerce," an e-learning course that fully explains:

  • how e-commerce has changed overall shopper behavior and the path to purchase,

  • the impact that e-commerce has on assessing and identifying key collaborative relationships between consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, and

  • how shopper marketing can be used to improve e-commerce success.

This unique course was produced in conjunction with Catapult, a leading shopper marketing agency with proven expertise in the realm of e-commerce.

For more information about the course or to register, click here.