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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Pete Catoe
Founder and CEO
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McCaffrey's Food Markets
McCaffrey's Food Markets

The most exciting aspect of grocery today is not what’s happening with the national and multinational big box players. Ironically, I see more excitement and potential at what’s going on in the undercurrent, happening just below the surface of the grocery industry. As big box and internet-exclusive retail players make headlines, a select group of local and regional grocers are becoming the surprise insurgents of a newly forming grocery revolution.

It’s the passion and persistence of longtime local and regional grocers like Pennsylvania-based McCaffrey Food Markets who are breaking free from the status quo, diverging from the pack, and winning in the brave new digital retail world. How are they doing this? They are:

  • leveraging the authenticity of their local and regional community brand (you can’t fake that).
  • deploying smart store design.
  • encouraging incredibly high-touch customer service.
  • using newly accessible backroom technology to drive down operating cost.
  • placing powerful customer-facing technology at the forefront of their customer experience.

It’s a powerful list of ingredients that, when combined, makes for a winning recipe.

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