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Remarketing Specs

  • 728 x 90 px

  • 300 x 250 px

  • 320 x 50px (for mobile devices)


Display Ad Requirements

- Display ads must not be over a maximum size of 150KB and must be submitted as a .gif, .jpg, or.png format. 

- The final URL for each banner is also required. We cannot support any third-party impression tracking technologies. UTMs are allowed to track clicks as long as the final URL does not change.

- If your url is going to change mid-campaign, you must notify us immediately with the replacement url. Redirects are not permitted.

- Animation must be slower than 5 frames per second, and cannot run or loop longer than 30 seconds.

- Creatives can not contain images or words that reference the following: alcohol, wine, beer, CBD, over-the-counter medications, pharmacy, employment, hiring, workforce, COVID, inappropriate language, sexually suggestive materials, the word "download," banking, cash or coins.