EnsembleIQ Website Image Specs

Article Hero Images

  • Example shown at top of this article.
  • Appear on: Articles, White Papers, Blog Posts, Blog Series Landing Pages (with title and sponsor overprinted)
  • Size: 1,300 pixels wide x 400 pixels height.
  • Formats: .JPG, .PNG
  • Hero images are optional but strongly encouraged. For White Papers, a default "White Paper" hero image will be used if the client does not supply their own hero image.  Example of default White Paper hero image. 
  • Page titles and teaser text appear overprinted over hero images when they are displayed in some contexts, such as the lead featured article on the home page, blog series landing pages, etc. For that reason, we recommend that you do not include any essential logos or text in your hero images because they may be obscured by text in different contexts. Photographs usually work better than logos or vectored art. (Download hero hero image template with Blog Title Window dimensions.) 

Teaser Images

  • "Teaser" images appear alongside the headline link and summary text on site landing pages, search results listings, right column related content zones, other contextual related link areas. 
  • Size: Sites with larger teaser images (more squarish) are 500 pixels wide x 400 pixels height. Sites with smaller (widescreen) ratio teasers are 500 x 281 pixels.
  • Formats: .JPG, .PNG
  • See examples of both Large and Small teaser images below. Consult your sales representative if you aren't sure which size to supply with your content. 


a sign in front of a building

Artwork for Body Copy

  • Optional, and appears within body copy of sponsored articles and blog posts.
  • Size for inline images with text wrap (partial text column): 500 pixels wide x variable height up to 800 pixels max. Example shown at right. 
  • Size for full-column images: 920 pixels wide x variable height up to 920 pixels max. Example shown below.
  • Formats: .JPG, .PNG

Author Profile Mugshots

  • Appears on Author bio page and alongside blog entries for Sponsored Blogs.
  • Size: 500 x 500 pixels with head approximately in center of image because they crop to a circle shape.
  • Formats: .JPG, .PNG. 
  • Example bio page.
  • Example blog entry. 
graphical user interface, application, website

SPONSORED Blog Series Icon

  • Appears on: Upper left corner of blog series highlight box, and upper left of each blog post
  • Size 64 x 64 pixels.
  • Format: .PNG file. One color (white usually works best) saved with transparent background so highlight color shows through.

Sponsored Product Images

  • Appears on landing page for product. 
  • 920 pixels wide for full-column x 600 pixels height maximum. Can be less but won’t fill the full column.
  • Formats: .JPG, .PNG
  • Example Sponsored Product